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Best laid plans...

Recently it came to our attention that we had an issue with Spruce Goose refermenting in the bottle, which was causing some corks to pop off and the product to be drier than we wanted. A choice was made to pull the batch. We were able to look up everyone who bought a bottle and reached out to as many as we could to alert them and make amends.

We also took a hard look at the step by step process we use here to make the mead. We wanted to be sulfite free from the start, and designed our processes towards that end. I'm sorry to say that just can't happen right now. We have made the call to start sulfiting our product to ensure that it is stable and free of issues going forward until our process gets to a point where we can safely say it is stable. This we hope will be not forever.

Many of our patrons were very happy to hear we were sulfite free. We wanted to reach out to everyone with this change proactively so you can know what you are drinking. We will be closely monitoring our levels to make sure we are useing a correct amount in our products.

From Jenn and I thank you everyone for understanding and for supporting us opening and moving forward. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us. 
-Nate Rhone, Chief Meadmaker

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