June updates

It's summer already! May has been a very busy month for us here at Uprising, with the big news being that we are finally FULLY LICENSED! We started production on our first four meads this month, which will be the ones we open with in August. Taking our production from 20 liters to 600 has been a challenge for sure! Luckily both nurses (Jenn) and paramedics (Nate) are experts at the art of improvisation and “MacGyvering” solutions, so we're still trucking along with relatively minor losses along the way.

On the construction side of things, we're still working on the tasting room. This month will see the bathrooms and foyer renovated, and the bar and tables built. Our kegerator has already arrived and we can't wait to get it set up and ready for action!

Now for the deals! We're offering two limited opportunities to get in on all the delicious mead action. First is our mead membership. This is a quarterly club that delivers three bottles of mead to your door. This will include some very limited editions, so this is your chance to get bottles set aside for you before they're even released. We have to start small with this until our production can scale up, so we're limiting the number of members. The second opportunity is the Founder Club, detailed on the right. Please click here for full details on both offerings.

Until next month! -Jenn and Nate

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