Uprising's Uprising

Uprising Meadworks was born from a desire to share our passion and love for the different and thought provoking. It began as a discussion between the owners that went something like this. “Wow Nate, your mead is amazing. I bet other people would want this”. “You're right, how hard could it be to start a meadery?” 

After much learning and dispelling of naivety, the bottom line is we are real people who love mead and want to share that mead with the world, and we're figuring out how one step at a time.


Jenn Ganoe, CEO (and Chief Tasting Officer aka the best job)

I've lived in Louisville KY, Syracuse NY, Wooster, Canton, and briefly in Roswell NM and Tucson AZ, but no matter how often I leave, I always come back to Columbus. This city is amazing, and I'm proud to call it my home. Opening a meadery here is my way of contributing to the community and adding to the wonderful options we have available to us here.

I've never been satisfied with the status quo, I'm always reaching and seeking the next challenge. My whole life I've wanted to run my own business, to be responsible for the mission, the direction. To see something that I've built grow. With my love of local craft beer and spirits, building a meadery is a perfect fit. To be able to do this now, with the best partner I could ever hope for, is a dream come true. This is my passion.

Is it possible to be passionate about an alcoholic drink one might ask? Damn skippy it is. I love this mead, I love its possibilities, I love its potential, and I love Uprising! So I am dedicating my time, effort, and passion to bringing our mead to the world. I hope you love it as much as I do.


Nate Rhone, Chief Meadmaker (and bottler, bartender and sales)

I grew up in food service.  Mom is a chef/caterer and had always hoped I would go to culinary school.  My early life was spent in the kitchen helping prepare food and more importantly tasting the food I made.  Learning to taste and understanding how to be patient and produce quality.  Those skills are what I bring to making mead.

I discovered Mead after years of homebrewing.  The freedom and creativity it presents is limitless.  It is exacting and requires attention to detail.  It is open and rewarding of creativity.  It requires patience and confidence to make something extordinary.  To serve it you is my pleasure.

Starting your own business requires a small level of arrogance.  Having a vision for something, being driven enough to see it through to the end is not a easy thing.  I thankfully have a partner who is equal to my level of passion and drive.