Rise up to something different

Columbus's Newest Craft Meadery


Our mission: to explore what mead can be.

Mead is an adventure for all the senses. Inhale the rich aroma of honey, plus the enticing addition of fruits, spices and other flavors. Relish in the colors, from delicate golds to vivid reds. Feel it's lightness on your tongue, and delight in the multiple layers of flavors, each working together to create a truly thought-provoking mead.

Come experience our vibrant, distinctive meads, hand-crafted for you.

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What is mead?

Mead is an alcoholic beverage using honey as its sugar source, like grain is for beer or grapes are for wine.  Our mead is then flavored with a wide variety of fruits, spices, vegetables, nuts or even flowers (such as hops).  There are many different styles to choose from for every palette. It’s clean tasting and fresh, not too heavy or sweet, with ABV ranges of around 12% for most of our meads, although some do go higher.

liquid awesome

There are more options out there than just beer, wine, and liquor. Mead is the answer to the question: What do I want to experience today? It's perfect for brunch, after work, winter nights and summer days. The variations in flavors, types, styles are nearly endless. Mead is simple in its design, difficult in its execution, and awesome in its realization.

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A shared passion for the different and thought provoking

Different, but better - that's the guiding principle behind Uprising Meadworks. Doing things just because that's how it's been done before, or because it's trendy is lame, however, we will never do something just because it's different. Every change, every flavor, is in the pursuit to make better mead. Come visit our taproom and witness that difference for yourself.